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Buy Yantras

Naraghosha Yantra

Price : $ 251.00

Naraghosha yantra .This yantra is useful to protect you from evil eye (Nazar). You can keep this yantra in your home or in your business area. This yantra will boost up your business and prevent you from negative energy. Pooja is performed to make it effective before shipping.

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Astadigbandhan Yantra

Price : $ 300.00

Astadigbandhan Yantra. This Yantra is for protection from spirits, devils, negative forces and from black magic. Those who are feeling any signs and symptoms of spirits in their homes, and for those who are dreaming spirits, devils in their sleep, they need to keep this yantra in their homes. Pooja is performed to make it effective before shipping.

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Price : $ 351.00

Vashikaran is a well known term in the field of Tantra and Mantra. It is an ancient heritage of Tantra and Mantra used to get control over someone's mind. It is a tantrik process by which we can make a person to work on our wishes. Although there are many astrological remedies available to solve the problems related to love, marriage, friendship and other relationships but it has been observed that traditional astrology remedies takes so much time in showing the result but Vashikaran is such a tantrik remedy which shows results very fast and is 100% harmless. 
By Vashikaran you can attract and influence the desired person toward you. Sometimes we fail to express our feeling to the desired person and want some miracle to happen that the person who himself / herself come and contact us. Here Vashikaran can help you, vashikaran mantras if done with correct method then he/she will contact you and propose you. 
Sometimes, the marital disputes become difficult to handle and the situation becomes worst for both the parties. Here Vashikaran is a sure shot solution in pampering the relationship between couple and in-laws. Not only things by Vashikaran you can make your enemy your friend, make your boss under control, can become center for attraction in meetings and social gatherings, your charm and personality will increase by many times. Vashikaran can be done either by a ritualistic process or by wearing an energized item of Vashikaran like yantra, locket etc.
There are several methods of performing the Vashikaran. It depends on the individual requirement as to how and for what purpose he/she wants to take help of Vashikaran.
Often it is seen that in our society, the relationship between husband and wife is to turn into bitterness! Sometimes men are trapped in the clutches of alien women and children by his wife to forget! Similarly, men and women forget your husband is caught in the trap! Husband and wife not only in the father-son relationship is created bitterness by Vidvesn etc. Tantric experiments!

The spell spells to eliminate the bitterness is the simplest Upaaa! Presented by spells you can troubleshoot all such! Not only is the mantra you can captivate your master and servant of! Also captivate lovers and their intended function of the relatives can be made!

"VASHIKARAN" Can help you if :-
- You love a particular person but unable to propose him/her.
- Your boyfriend/Girlfriend is not interested in you anymore.
- Your life partner has changed behavior or he/she is in extramarital affair.
- You are upset with behavior of your Mother and Father in Law
- Your Father or Mother is not ready for your marriage.
- Your boss or staff is not helping you or you are not happy with your office environment.
- Your close friend has made distance from you.
- Your enemy is creating problems for you.
- Astrological remedies are not working for you
- You want to get attractive personality
- Want to become success in politics
- Want to Stop divorce and situation of divorce.

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Price : $ 251.00

Hindu God Lord Hanuman (The Monkey God) or Hanuman Ji is the greatest devotee of Lord Rama and plays a vital role in the Hindu epic Ramayana. He is the son of Vayu or Marut (The Wind God) and Anjani. Anjaneya, Anjani Putra, Hanumat, Bajarangabali, Hanuman, Mahaveer (the great hero), Maruti, Pavanputra (son of air) are some of His names used by devotees. Hanuman, worshiped for his strength, knowledge, valor, divinity, agility, and considered as the symbol of devotion and dedication.

His devotees will fast on Saturdays and Thursdays, give offerings to him and chant the mantras to please Him so that He will do miracles in the life of the devotees.

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sudarshna chakram

Price : $ 251.00

The Sudarshana Chakra is a spinning, disk-like weapon with 108 serrated edges used by the Hindu god Vishnu. The Sudarshana Chakra is generally portrayed on the right rear hand of the four hands of Vishnu, who also holds ashankha (conch shell), a Gada (mace) and a padma (lotus).[1]

The Sudarshana Chakra may be depicted as an ayudhapurusha(anthropomorphic form). He is depicted as a fierce form of Vishnu. While the Sudarshana Chakra is depicted as a subordinate figure with Vishnu, in many South Indian Vishnu temples, the Chakra as an ayudhapurusha is worshipped in its own shrine attached to the central temple.

According to the Puranas, Sudarshana Chakra is used for the ultimate destruction of an enemy. The depiction of Vishnu with Sudarshana Chakra also means that Vishnu is the keeper-owner of the celestial bodies and heavens.

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Maaha kalli

Price : $ 351.00

The Dakshinakali yantra, pictured left, conforms to the general pattern of all Shakti yantras but has its own particular form. In the centre is a group of five triangles. Each point represents one of the fifteen Kali Nityas or eternities, one for each day of the waning Moon. In the eight petals are eight Bhairavas and eight Bhairavis, coupling together. Yantras which are not inscribed with bija mantras and the matrikas are unsuitable for worship, as are those which are created by an uninitiated person, those which do not have life installed (see below). Mantras, meanwhile, are useless even if one is initiated, unless purashcarana, a preparatory rite, is performed.

Bhairava means terrifying, and these couples are particularised aspects of Dakshina Kalika, conforming to the eight tantrik directions. This is also the Kaula circle where males and females congregate on one of the dark days of the Moon to perform their uncanny rites. Each subsidiary Kali Nitya has her own yantra and mantra conforming to the nature of each of the days of the dark fortnight of the Moon.

Every tantrik deity has her or his daily puja which a devotee performs and the pattern for these sadhanas are all very similar. After first clearing and purifying a space, a yantra is drawn, and the sadhaka then performs nyasa, afterwards meditating on the Devi in her or his own heart and taking her, through the vital breath, to dwell in the centre of the yantra. Before using a yantra for this purpose, life and breath have to be installed. This rite (pranapratishta - installation of prana) uses the matrikas and gives the yantra the 36 tantrik tattvas. Yantras, too, have a definite life span, depending on the material. Gold, for example, lasts for life, silver for seven years, &c.

The image of Dakshina Kalika is awesome. She has a fanged mouth, looks terrifying, has dishevelled hair, has four arms and is adorned with a necklace of human skulls. She holds a newly severed head and a swords, her other hands shows the mudras which dispell fear and grant boons. She is the colour of a thundercloud, dusky, and is completely naked (digambara, clothed in space). Blood trickles from the sides of her mouth, and her earrings are two corpses of young boys. She has rising, large swelling breasts, and is seated in intercourse on the body of a corpse. She laughs loudly. The corpse is Mahadeva Shiva in his form of Mahakala and the whole scene is within the cremation ground

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Ganapathi Yantram

Price : $ 255.00

Worshipping Lord Ganesha with full faith and devotion is considered to be very auspicious. He is the giver of fortune, wisdom and luck. Ganesha Yantra is one of the most auspicious, strong, and important among all other yantras available. It not only provides materialistic benefits, but also helps in the overall growth of an individual. Lord Ganesha is given the foremost privilege in all the divine rituals of being invoked first. The person who adopts this yantra gets relief from all kind of obstacles in life, and achieves wealth and happiness. This yantra is a source to fulfill all the desires of a human and provide success in every field of life.

Use of Ganesha Yantra

Ganesha yantra can be distinguished in both form- movable and immovable. With the worshipping of Ganesh yantra a person is able to achieve wealth and fortune. To establish the yantra, the person must purify it by sprinkling ganga jal. Then recite Lord Ganesha path and sankatmochan stotra after lighting the incense and dhoop. Worshipping Ganesha yantra everyday with proper rituals provides relief from all kind of problems in life and opens the path to success and wisdom. Chanting Ganesha Mantra fulfills all desires of a person.

Ganesha Yantra Puja

Putting the wheat flour mixed with cow’s ghee into the fire in front of the Ganesha’s idol provide immense wealth and prosperity. After establishing the yantra, the person should worship it everyday in the morning and the evening with proper rituals. It should be established only in the north-east corner of the house, facing west.

Offer fresh flowers everyday to the yantra and keep the surrounding places pure and clean. It is believed that chanting, "Om Gan Ganapataye Namah" everyday gives relief from every kind of obstacle of life. Ganesh Yantra should be paid all the rituals in supreme form, mentioned in ancient scriptures. Worshipping the yantra with rituals and devotion fulfills all desires of the devotee.

Benefits and Significance of Ganesh Yantra

The rituals and rules to worship the yantra are mentioned in ancient shastras. The person worshipping the yantra should sit on a clean platform and light a lamp in front of the yantra. A person who recites and worships the yantra gets all his desires fulfilled, protection from enemies and relief from obstacles. It provides success in every aspect of life. Ganesha yantra also provides wisdom, intelligence, and ability to win every contest. A person who worship this yantra gets relief from his diseases, liabilities, and defects.

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lakshmi Yantram

Price : $ 225.00

The Shree Maha Lakshmi Yantra is a divine instrument or a mystical diagram usually etched on either a metal with gold plating, a copper plate or a gold plate. It is considered sacred inHindu religion as it has the engraved picture of the divine deity, the Goddess Lakshmi seated on a blossomed lotus flower. Along with the picture a Mantra (the Sanskrit syllables) is also inscribed on the Yantra, which is a "thought form" representing divinities or cosmic powers that exert their influence by means of auditory vibrations. 

Maha Lakshmi, the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm is the eternal Goddess of wealth, prosperity, light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, luxury, generosity and courage. In Hindu mythology, there are several manifestations of wealth that are established and associated with Goddess Lakshmi. They include: Adi Lakshmi-- the main Goddess (primeval Lakshmi), Dhanya Lakshmi-- granary wealth, Dhairya Lakshmi-- wealth of courage, Gaja Lakshmi-- animal wealth (sometimes associated with the power of royalty), Santana Lakshmi-- wealth of progeny, Vijaya Lakshmi-- wealth of victory, Vidya Lakshmi-- wealth of knowledge, Dhana Lakshmi-- monetary wealth, Aishwarya Lakshmi-- Goddess of riches, Saubhagya Lakshmi-- giver of prosperity, Rajya Lakshmi-- royal Lakshmi-- the one who blesses the ruler with secular powers and Vara Lakshmi-- boon Lakshmi-- the one who grants all desires of the devotee. The deity represents not only material wealth but also spiritual wealth. When you bring the Maha Lakshmi Yantra home, it brings to you the blessings of a blissful life. 

There is a special significance and benefit of the prayers you offer to the Maha Lakshmi yantra on Deepawali in Lakshmi puja. If you offer prayers to the Goddess Lakshmi and the yantra with proper rituals on Deepawali, you can invite the Goddess to stay in your home and bless your family with wealth and prosperity.
 • Brings love, luck and happiness to your life
• Bestows fortune, wealth, fame and prosperity
• Relieves you from dreadful chronic diseases 
• Opens the locked doors of your destiny
• Eliminates the effects of black magic and other negative powers
• Safeguards you from enemies and adversaries
• Negates the negative effects of malefic planets
• Combats all the bad influences and ill-effects of vastu faults in your home or office 
• Stimulates growth and promotion in business or profession
• Ensures the overall success and development of you and your family
• Curbs your financial problems

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Vishnu Chakram

Price : $ 251.00

Lord Vishnu, the reigning deity of this Yantra, is the Lord of protection & maintenance for the whole universe. Vishnu symbolizes the all-pervading protective aspect of the Supreme God, Brahman. According to Hindu mythology, Vishnu is reincarnated on earth from time to time, to destroy the evil in the world. The four arms of Lord Vishnu symbolize his omnipresence and omnipotence.

Worshipping Shri Vishnu Yantra brings prosperity, harmony in the home, good health and good luck in all ventures. It blesses the worshiper with prosperity, harmony in life, good health and good luck in all ventures. This Yantra represents material wealth and also abundance of food, courage, valor, offspring’s, success, luxurious life and eternal bliss.

Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by  Achary Kalki Krishnan himself,  ‘AstroDevam.com’® energizes/ consecrates this Yantra with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses, before being forwarded to you.

Installing ‘Vishnu Yantra’: Detailed procedure for installing this Yantra and mantra, to be recited by you, which are very specific to this Yantra, are sent by  ‘AstroDevam.com’®  to you along with your Yantra. Since, each Yantra is unique and different, so is its procedure and Mantra; hence we at  ‘AstroDevam.com’®  do not believe in generalizing the things. Hence, we recommend Mantra specific to this Yantra only.

Beware of so called energized Vishnu Yantras sent by Web shops and websites run by businessmen, who have only profit in their minds. Yantras by them are simply printed metal pieces, not going to do anything good for you. To know, how ‘Vishnu Yantra’ is different from Yantras provided by other suppliers, please go through the section ‘We are unique- an eye opener’.

You are also warned against so called laminated Bhojpatra Yantra, supplied by other websites. These are actually laminated paper with Bhojpatra imprints. Just ask them to provide same Yantra, before being laminated and see their excuses. Contact us to fulfill your requirement of Handmade Yantra on actual and original Bhojpatra, since printing is impossible on Bhojpatra.

Note: The Design of the Yantra may differ from the image shown above, as we keep on upgrading our Yantras in the light of continuous and extensive research done by us. We also improvise the design of the Yantra, keeping in view the specific planetary position, specific requirement or desire of the client. Our authentic, detailed and to some extent lengthy process of energizing/ consecrating (Pranapratishtha) of Yantras take at least seven days, hence while ordering for Yantras from us, keep this aspect in mind.

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  • "I am Raghu nandan . I had a visa problem , I went to ram he told me to do madali prayer to Kali maa, I did that, ofter 15 days I got my visa ."

    Raghu nandan

  • "I am Dharshani I lives in New York , I had problem with my boy friend, he was with sum 1 , I found sairam in online, I went to meat him , he changed my boyfriend mind , now I am so happy ... Thank u ram."


  • "Sunitha kumr
    "I found Ramji when i was searching in the net for a good astrologer in US. When i called him i felt relieved as in my life i went through a lot and when i told him everything he was kind to hear my sadness and took my dob and place and even with all the stuff going around my life he even found my correct time. Then i told him about my love of my life and wanted to know when is this going to happen as per his advice we did 5 elements pooja and suddenly i found the changes has taken place. he suggested precious protection for me and him which really worked out, our parents was mad and sad and now they are happy for us and agreed to get us married together. I could say that this will never happened if i never made that call. i was at the suicide point and he is the one who gave me a reason to live. ever thing was falling apart and now everything is where is suppose to be with his greatness. we are planning for my marriage on Oct and he is the one who is suggesting the time too. as soon as the marriage is done me and my hubby will go together to see him to get his blessing."

    Sunitha kumr

  • "ss Praveen raganath
    "I want to share my thing here. I was on New York for more than 8 months. I contacted Pandit Sairam for my stars position.As per Sairam advise I wore my birthstone and went through spiritual healing. I got job & nice girl friend last week (with in 40 days after healing).In this Interview I saw lot of change in my attitude, behavior,mental status,personality. I totally come out from my depression. I got lot of confidence.confidence. I am grateful to him .God bless"

    Praveen raganath

  • "hai this is srikanth, i got good result form this astrologer"

    srikanth ozili

  • "nice to meet you"


  • "my name is Tony Davis i want to give my testomy about how ram safe my family and my life i was so stress out i didnt know who to turn too and god send me a angle his name is ram that help me to have faith and follow my heart and i took his advise and i could say im a different woman today and i thank him so much for never giving up on me"

    Tony Davis

  • "Hi , I would like to tell about myself. Ramji wrote my Jathakam at the age of 9. Till now in my life each and everything happens as it is said by Ramji . Whenever I get any problem in my life I just go through my Jathakam and come to the solution. I wonder How accurate the predictions based on planetary effects on human beings now took the role of ramji and continuing his services in Astrology. I appreciate this site broadened his services all over world.Getting well qualified experienced Astrologer is our fortune .I am very happy by reading all these reviews. I appreciate for his excellent complete services in astrology with lots of patience and that too with free of cost."

    monoj kumar

  • "I have no words to add on for me SAI is a god his miracles are hard to describe and moreover he is kind, understanding and non greedy soul. Whatever he sees and predicts come true no matter what happens his said words are like words from god. Not only me but my family have also started to believe him. I have strong faith in him. Amazing and marvellous is his services."


  • "I was suffering from black magic 13 years wherever I went was never cured. I contacted pandith ram and he removed this black magic which gave me positive results and now I am happy and better.. I would like to thank Doctor Ramji for being there for me and curing me. I would personally advice those suffering from major problems to contact our Ram.. THANKS!!!!!"

    Reena singh

  • "I love him!!! I went in person today and he is an hour away from me. I am so lucky to be close enough to go and see him. I know I am going to have a great life that I can better understand, and I will always visit him for guidance. He is so smart and has so much patience! I will go every month and now things will be fine with me. Thank you so pandit ram , for everything. I must get me red coral immediately so I will not be stressed :)"


  • "I met Ram One month back and I felt happy about his Predictions.I am strong believer of vedic astrology. sairam predicted my past life and showed the path to my career.I referred to my relatives also. I will follow all things as it is said by Guruj blessings all the time."


  • "ramji Iam sorry to write my feedback very late.We are staying in Memphis. I was 100% benefited by sairam`s remedies.Actually we were about to divorce.But with the graces remedies and sairam`s prayers the problem solved and now I am very happy with my husband. I am appreciating sairam`s services in USA."


  • "Thank you sairamji, I got marry on march 25. I am appreciating for your help and prayers.I am following remedies all the time. My parents are now happy for my marriage, even it is delayed marriage.God bless you."


  • "i am very happy after met to ssr astrologer"


  • "my name is latoya i want to give my testomy about how ram safe my family and my life i was so stress out i didnt know who to turn too and god send me a angle his name is ram that help me to have faith and follow my heart and i took his advise and i could say im a different woman today and i thank him so much for never giving up on me"


  • "Hi , I would like to tell about myself. Ramji wrote my Jathakam at the age of 9. Till now in my life each and everything happens as it is said by Ramji . Whenever I get any problem in my life I just go through my Jathakam and come to the solution. I wonder How accurate the predictions based on planetary effects on human beings now took the role of ramji and continuing his services in Astrology. I appreciate this site broadened his services all over world.Getting well qualified experienced Astrologer is our fortune .I am very happy by reading all these reviews. I appreciate for his excellent complete services in astrology with lots of patience and that too with free of cost."


  • "I really enjoyed my reading today. It was very helpful, and have insight on what to do. I will be using this special person sent from"God"!!! I feel very trusting of him, and the outcome of his work. I know the result, will be nothing but phenomenal. Thanks so much for my reading"


  • "I am NALINI RAMDHAR from ,GUYANA but settled in USA since 1990.I called and visited mr Sairam `s home last month because of my mothers pressure. It was very nice experience such a qualified person giving his services low price of cost in astrology. Until then I thought astrology is a blind belief.But now I changed my mind and started believing Vedic astrology.Astrology is nothing but how planets in solar system influencing human beings on earth.Why planets always rotating in elliptical shape around sun? Why not they deviate from their orbits? Why should we advice pregnant ladys to dont go outside during sun/moon eclipse periods.What is Rasi? 360 degrees around earth is divided in to 12 parts i.e each 30 degrees. each 30 degrees named as each Rasi.Each planet balancing other planets with counter forces.What a explanations!!!!. Iam going to wear yellow sapphire soon. yellow sapphire will absorb rays coming from planet Jupiter and pass them on to my skin/body.Iam appreciating mr.bhairav `s services in most reliable scientific Vedic astrology and black magic removal specialist .I am bending my head to Maharshi`s/seers those who wrote astrology thousands of years back without any telescopes ,satellites. Their 6th sense is amazing.I came to know Indian supreme court also Verdicted ASTROLOGY IS A SCIENCE AND YOU CAN IMPLEMENT ASTROLOGY SCIENCES IN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES."INDIAN SUBCONTINENT IS THE TERMITE FOR HIDDEN SCIENCES." Sairam is black magic removal specialist thanks!u "


  • "I am thankful for the brilliant counselling provided by PanditSairam I had problems dealing with my lifeís various problems head-on. I felt lost for ideas; especially I was not thinking positively and drove myself to the disparity. I consulted Sairam on the recommendation of my friend. He provided me with the best counselling and now I can say my life is back on track."

    Lavern W. Snider

  • "I was planning to consult any astrologer as I did not believe in their theory. However, after consultation with PanditSairam, my doubts were removed as he provided me with an excellent astrological counselling to my lifeís problems. He is professional and an astrologer of great virtue."


  • "PanditSairamji is a lovely, kind, caring and Genuine Spiritual Healer & Specialized in Bring the love back. I was having lots of problems with my Boyfriend of 3 years. He has the ability to make a person feel at convenience, also when a person doesn't really feel at ease with himself, Thank you"


  • "My relationship ended with problems, went to different astrologers, Pandiths, Spiritualists everyone told me to that do this, but none of them gave me permanent solution, i was very disappointed With Other astrologers, Mr,PanditSairam he used Indian tantras, mantras and gave me few things and told me to use it, after using it i got my relationship back, and we are living together happily today."


  • "Our family has gone through a number of struggles, which has also been a learning experience for us in a way. It was an emotionally exhausting phase of our life, which made us lose faith in everything. I am sure all of us know understand the importance of a bonding family. PanditSairam however, cast a beautiful spell that led us all to reunite and be together once again."

    Donald J. Johnson

  • "I was main a peaceful life, as my marital life was smooth and harmonious. Suddenly my life partner and I began fighting on trifle matters and love, care and concern began disappearing from our relation. I had already heard about PanditSairamJi and hence I decided to take the advice of Siaram. Soon after implementing remedial solutions, my marital life again became harmonious."

    Arthur S. Wallis

  • "I ultimately have actually had an opportunity to discover the essays that you advised, also as well as look forward to reviewing them. I feel like I actually needed some hope and a map in a manner of speaking, to lead me in the ideal instructions."


  • "PanditSairam is a true love psychic. He has the sympathetic mind and a beautiful love-filled heart that exudes compassion and understanding in every manner. He was so accurate in his readings and I can easily say that everything he said just kept coming true as it is! I was initially bewildered and appalled, but more impressed by his assistance. I was pleasantly surprised and also awed by the easy demeanor with which he guided me along. Trusting him was the most prudent decision of my life and I feel proud of it in every way."


  • " I want to say is that YOU MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE. He finally asked me out yesterday. He said that he wanted me back in his life and that it feels right among so many other things that I just could not even fathom. You are amazing!!! I canít even begin to tell you how thankful I am! "


  • "I had lost hope until I found your site. I had a relationship with a married man for 10 years and he wasnít getting a divorce because he didnít want to leave his children. After your spell he changed completely. He couldnít live without me and was excited just to hear me on the phone. He forgot all his fears about his children. He couldnít even touch his Ex-wife. Thank you PanditSairam."


  • "You have changed my life so much and Iím so grateful for everything you have done. I feel like we are old friends and that you will be there whenever I need you. Iím so in love with my boyfriend and he gives all the love in the world back to me. I know he is my soul mate. Your love spells are so very strong and real, I know for I have proof. Thank-you dear friend and keep making peopleís dreams come true. God Bless you."


  • "We have worked a few times together and all the times i have worked with you i have gotten everything fixed. You take the time and really commit to making sure you get the best possible results for the situation. Anytime that i have needed to talk to you about my situation with the guy you always answered me back until i felt better about it. They really do work you take the time into it for it to really get results.. Thanks a lot"

    Sharron S

  • "Thank you for the spell cast and renewing my hope. Your services really are one of the greatest discoveries I have made over the World Wide Web, and I wanted to let you know that Iíve been receiving emails from people whoíve ordered or are contemplating ordering your spells asking if Iíd recommend your spells, and every time i say yes! Definitely! itís not just the spells themselves but the support, the real support you provide. So i hope youíre receiving an increase in spell requests, Iím glad people are asking so i can inspire them to contact you as well."


  • "I was going through this bad phase in my life. My husband and me were on the verge of getting separated. Nothing was going good between us. A friend recommended astrologer Sairam. I contacted him. You will not believe. Within a few days, our marital life started blossoming again."


  • ""

    Bella Rabin

  • "It was very good conference you. You forecasted that, January 2017 onwards, there will certainly be good opportunities & there will be job path as well as get a chance to work in a large as well as reputed, and yes! I obtained a task from one of the most effective companies in our industry in January 2017 and now I am working successfully with them. Thanks very much for your support and pointers."


  • "Thank you significantly undoubtedly for your reading yesterday. It has actually offered me much explanation, and confidence concerning my future directions, as well as will certainly aid me outlines my program from this minute onwards. It was most useful to listen to your words again, to re-establish points inwardly."

    Mia Dann

  • "Panditsairam Astrologer is a lovely, kind, caring and genuine Spiritual Healer & Specialized in Bring the love back. I was having lots of problems with my Girlfriend of 2 years. He kept threatening to leave me and move to Canada for good. Within 4 weeks my girlfriend changed his mind and decided to stay with me! We are now very much in love and are much closer. I would like to thanks Panditsairam Astrologer."


  • "I was searching for a Vashikaran expert and there I found this Vashikaran expert, astrologer sairam. Astrologer sairam really proved like a Godly figure to me when I contacted him for my problem. I wanted to go for Vashikaran of a dear friend of mine and after contacting astrologer sairam, that friend really came back to me. I was so much relieved and happy. Astrologer sairam is indeed a gem of a person one can ever contact."


  • "Sairam, You replied to my question with such honesty and good will which I haven't been told in quite a long time. I am starting to embrace our prior friendship and am coming to terms with the fact that youth is a phase which we won't return to so it's important to say that something happened to me but I still got through it and I was really touched by your response. Thank you, Sairam!"

    Koby Browning

  • "Pandit Sairam is one of the most famous and completely genuine astrologers I have ever met. 10 years back, my family was going through one of the most painful times. My fatherís business had come crashing down and he had accumulated a mountain of debt. My sister and I were still students. Through the grace of God, we met Pandit Sairam. After consulting him and following his advice, my fatherís business won a big order. After that we continued to steadily improve. Today, he employs over 100 people in his business, my sister and I are happily married, and we are eternally grateful to SSR Astrologer for resolving all our lifeís problems."

    Robert E

  • "When my daughter was 25 years old, we started looking for a suitable groom for her. She is pretty and has a very good job. We were somehow unable to find a good match for her, because there seemed to be some problem (dosha) in her horoscope. We spent more than 2 years going to various temples and performing many prayers, but there was no use. We became desperate because she was getting older and the marriage of her younger sister was also stalled. Then we met Pandi Sairam. Within six months of consulting him, we found excellent alliances for both my daughters, and both are now married and settled."

    Sherry R

  • "I just wanted to say Happy New Year... Another year has come and gone and I am so truly happy that you are still in my life. You have always gone out of your way to help me and I truly appreciate it. I can't imagine how different my life would be if you were not in it. I have made it this far because of you and I will continue to thrive once I know you are there to guide me, and keep me at peace. I pray that we are closer this year to a cure for me. I keep my hope and faith both in you and in my prayers. I am both grateful and thankful for you and your faith based gifts to help others. I will never forget what you have done for me, and I only wish there was something I could do in return for you to show my gratitude. From the bottom of my heart I sincerely thank you for everything Pandit Sairam."

    Frank D

  • "When everything seemed to be in turmoil, a dear family friend introduced us to Pandit Sairam. With his support, we have seen a huge difference in these past few years. My family has gone from hopelessness to one of optimism, and we are now doing much better thanks to him. Yet, Sairam does not sugar coat anything, but always gives us practical and sincere advice. Not only has he helped us in the astrological aspect, but also as a humanitarian advisor and a trusted friend whom we can always call for anything. I strongly believe that seeking Pandit Sairam help is by far more valuable for our time and money than anywhere else."

    Bradley K

  • "Pandit Sairam is a lovely, kind, caring and genuine Spiritual Healer & Specialized in Bring the love back. I was having lots of problems with my girlfriend for 4 years, we were having a bad relationship in our lives, but after I met Pandit sairam through online I got solution to this problem, since then my relationship with my girlfriend is very good."

    Fritz V

  • "After 8 years of marriage, I was not conceiving. But we accurately followed whatever the Pandit Sairam told us to do the precious stones he gave us, and the Pujaís to be performed. We went to a holy place, for this Puja. We then succeeded. My heart fully thank to Pandit Siaram."

    John K

  • "It was very nice meeting you. You predicted that, Aug 2012 onwards, there will be good opportunities & there will be career growth. You also told me that I will get a chance to work with a well-known and large scale company, and yes! I got a good job offer from one of the best companies in usa in mid Aug 2012 and now I am working with them. Thank you very much for your support and suggestions. I can definitely say that your prediction turned out to be accurate."

    Rudy N

  • "Astrologer Sairam knows exactly whatever he is talking about. He doesn't speak heavy stuff like many other astrologers you may have come across. He focuses on perfect and efficient work, and the best possible results. He doesn't believe in marketing himself to woo you into paying. Before meeting him, I had spent lots of money for finding solution to my problems, starting from the best Tarot readers to many famous Vedic astrologers of USA. But, after getting his successful and reasonably-charged astrology solutions, I can now say that while with him, even one penny of your money is not wasted. You will certainly get manifold return from the money and other resources you give to him."

    Kathleen T

  • "Your report has truly been unbelievable. 3 months on and it was like things were being played out to a script. But I knew what to expect, so I did manage to avoid a few problems along the way. Please keep helping me out."

    Roland E

  • "After my marriage in a joint family it was all good, until some misunderstandings and problems started of which there were issues that was serious. So I found Pandit Sairam ji's contact number and talked about it. Since his help and solution there is peace and happiness back. I am blessed and grateful for your advice and help. I am always thankful to you."

    Anthony A

  • "I have always loved a girl in my neighborhood and she also liked me but was in always disturbed by another guy. So I asked Pandit Sairam for his help in making me to meet the girl of my dreams. Now we are happily in a relationship and look forward to get married soon. It is all because of his blessings and patience."

    Blaine Y

  • "Pandit Sairam ji is the greatest of all the astrologers I met in my life so far. I work in an IT company In USA and I did all my work honestly yet I was not given the due promotion. So I was worried and asked for pandit Sairam ji's help! He did help me in getting the promotion at work and congeniality of my seniors. I am grateful to you always."

    Paul J

  • "We are both from a different caste and in love. We wanted to be married but our families did not allow us. Thus we contacted Pandit Sairam ji to solve our marriage problem solution and he has surprised us in making it all happen with great perfection and satisfaction. Today we are a happy couple all because of him. Thank You pandit Sairam ji."

    Angelo M.

  • "There were constant fights and arguments in my family about finance and even for any petty affairs. I was stressed and in pain until I came across the most accurate and highly productive astrologer Sairam. He has transformed my life and changed the stress to family peace and happiness. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge."

    Henry M

  • "Astrologer Sairam has been a help in my life. I met him when I was suffering from a difficult time at work with no progress. Today, through his services I am in one of the highest levels in my office and all troubles are gone. I am grateful always to his service in guiding me and making me successful."

    Gary L.

  • "I was in a long term relationship with a boy, suddenly over the few monthsí back he acted different and broke up with me. After that I contacted Pandit Sairam ji for my problem and since then my life has changed. He has united us and we are getting engaged this fall. Thank you for your blessings pandit sairam ji."

    Jesus J.

  • "I am really satisfied with your predictions & the precision which I getting experienced in situation of my husband. I had asked some concerns concerning my spouse nearly 1 year back & your forecasts were great as well as exact together with the tips you had given to fix some of our problems. Thank you Pandit Siaram."

    Mark G

  • "Thank you significantly undoubtedly for your reading yesterday. It has actually offered me much explanation, and confidence concerning my future directions, as well as will certainly aid me outlines my program from this minute onwards. It was most useful to listen to your words again, to re-establish points inwardly."

    Kari D.

  • "It was very good conference you. You forecasted that, November 2016 onwards, there will certainly be good opportunities and there will be job path as well as get a chance to work in a large as well as reputed, and yes! I obtained a task from one of the most effective companies in our industry in November 2016 and now I am working successfully with them. Thanks very much for your support and pointers."

    Freddie S

  • "I was facing several problems in my love life. The life was not at all stable earlier. My boyfriend was getting attracted to someone else. I made my 100% efforts to get him back, but everything failed. After then, my friend suggested me to take the help of Panditsairam. And I am really surprised to see a change in my love life. Now, my boy-friend loves me more than anything, and this could happen only because of the Panditsairamji."


  • "We were in a live-in relationship from past 6 years. I was completely addicted to her, but one day, she started ignoring me and tried to avoid me. One of my friend suggest me consult astrologer so, I thought to contact PanditsairamJi to get everything alright. He solved every problem between us and made us to live a happy life. Thank your Guru ji."


  • "My parents were against my love marriage. They were not ready to accept it and forcing me to get married to the person of their choice. I was completely frustrated of this situation, so I couldnít find anything than talking the help of PanditSairamji. We used his astrology services and resolved every problem. After his effective services, my parents had accepted my love happily and allowed me to tie the knot with him. I am feel very happy to thanks panditji."


  • "I had approached PanditSairam for Kundali Reading. I was totally amazed at the accuracy of his predictions about my past. All his predictions about my future has come true. Before making any important decision, i consult Pandit Sairamji."


  • "I was very much worried for my Son. I was not getting the right match for him I am highly grateful to Sairamji who has made a slight change in His Name Spellings & it worked wonders for him. Today he is very happily married with his wife & recently blessed with a Baby Girl. A lot of Thanks to Worldís Best Astrologer Pandit sairamji"


  • "I got married in year 2001, only one Month after our marriage we both got indulged in unpleasantness, generally over trivial issues. The matter got worsened we were on the verge of Consulting Different Lawyers for Divorce. One day I happened to see SSR Astrologer website his Astrology Numerology &Vastu have 28 yearsí Experience, I consult Panditsairamji. He advised Specific Gemstones as well as Special Customized Pendants which helped bringing in turnaround in our mind. Honestly thank you PanditJi."


  • "I am a retired Government Officer Settled in California, USA. After the marriage of my only daughter, me & my wife felt her and her husbandís behavior turning cold & opposed day by day. It was in these Trouble times we had approached you while you had recommended Original Costly Gemstones as well as special customized pendants for my wife, my daughter and my son in law. It helped to bond all of us like never before. The results have been beyond Imagination & Description. All I can... Thank you ji."


  • "My Son couldnít perform well in his studies, some 10 years before I saw SSR Astrologer website. I took appointment & met him in California .He suggested some very minor changes in the Name of my Son, We managed to alter the spellings , the results were really surprising, Even his teachers were amazed to see his so good performance in Exams. Since last 10 years I am a very true follower of Indian Astrologer Sairamji& I donít hesitate to discuss, even the smallest of the Problem with him."


  • "I had a Business of Mobile Phones, the Business was going down day by day. One Fine Morning Some 15 years before, I saw SSR Astrologer website is there so many reviews about sairamji. Number of clients satisfied with astrology, business solution. I was very much convinced, I consulted him. My Entire life changed after I met him, by the grace of God, Sairamji suggested Me Property Business & I am making lot of Money In this business. Now I am feeling very happy and my business going good thank you very much Pandit sairamji."


  • "I am a widow, some 10 years before I took telephonic consultation for my Daughter, She was going on the wrong track, she didnít listen anything what I used to tell her. PanditSairam is the best person in Indian who Introduced Phone Consultation which was a very new concept then but today every Astrologer has started copying him. He suggested me very simple & affordable remedies for my Daughter. Within 6 months everything started improving, everything is very fine now, she has changed completely. Thank You Very Much Pandit SairamJi"


  • "I had invited PanditSairamJi for Vaastu Consultant Visit of my Office some 5 years before. The Amount of Hard Work which I was doing couldnít turn into Liquidity. I always had Finance related problems. The day Sairamji visited my Office and he guide me some changes now everything started Improving. He even doesnít recommend any VastuPooja , not even any VastuYantra. Thnak you Ji."


  • "I Met PanditSairam 10 years before & still I am being benefited by his Astrological, Gems &Vaastu Remedies. Every 5 months, I consult him for more & more Prosperity. Nobody can find such a Genuine & trustworthy Celebrity Vedic Astrologer in this World. No comparison, Worldís Best Nameologist, Palmist, Astrologer, Gemologist &VastuShastra Consultant Sairamji"


  • "I had invited PanditSairamJi for Vaastu Visit for my Factory. He told me such things That no Vastu Expert Or Vaastu Consultant had Ever told me before , I did some changes as suggested by him and within no time the production of my Factory Tripled . Vaastu Tips Vastu Remedies given by Sairamji are really very good. My heart fully Thank you so much Panditji"


  • "Indian PanditSairam is the Perfect &Jyotish Horoscope Consultant. I met him in Alabama, U.S.State Some 12 years Before, He suggested me to purchase Mobile No as per his Astrology & Numerology Calculations. I had a very small Shop as the business was Stagnant since past 18 years. I purchased a new Sim Card & started using that, believe me, I am getting so Good business on that mobile for the past 12 years. Every 9 months, I consult Saiarmji regarding the Share Market & Stock Market Sector Tips & Investment. Thank you, the Famous Numerologist, Sairamji"


  • "Pandit SairamJi is the Best & Top Most Popular Online Astrologer. I met him 14 years before in Brooklyn. Whatever he predicted me, is coming true as it is. He suggested me very minor spelling changes & I did that, after that I got immense benefit. Thanks to World Famous best Astrologer, Numerologist SAIRAM ji. His Exclusive Vaastu Consultancy which includes Perfect Vaastu Tips, Vastu Remedies help everyone for the Vastu of House, Factory, Office, Home, Shop etc"


  • "Thanks a lot to Astro Numerologist Sairamji. I took Phone Consultation from him in the year 2010, since then regularly every 6 months, I Consult him & reap the benefits of his remarkable traditional Astrological, LalKitabKundliUpay&Vaastu Remedies. Thank you so much to give a phone consulation. You are really good Astrologer who gives Astrology Reading and future predictions Live On Phone."


  • "Thank you very much to Astro IT Consultant, Jyotish Guru Sairamji. Guru ji is the Most Energetic, Reputed & Most Liked Horoscope Astrologer. Thanks a lot to Medical Astrology VaastuJyotish Consultant Sairamji. These is no Limit for the Praises We Write for Him. I am earning so good money through the Business of Designer Accessories as suggested by you. Thanks for bringing me on the right track through the Sciences of Astrology"


  • "I never believed in something called black magic but then all of a sudden my husband started experiencing some strange happenings. He often complained of seeing people at night and hearing conversations. I contacted astrologer Sairam and today my husband is absolutely fine. Thank You Ji."


  • "I was going through this bad phase in my life. My husband and I were on the verge of getting separated. Nothing was going good between us. A friend recommended astrologer Sairam. I contacted him. You will not believe. Within a few days, our marital life started blossoming again."


  • "Our family had been battling with this court case with our neighbourers over a disputed piece of land. Astrologer PanditSairamJi turned out to be a miracle and helped us by getting us rid of the case within no time. This astrologer is really great."


  • "I was in love with a girl and I wanted to get her back desperately. However, things were turning from bad to worse. One day, I read about indian astrologer and decided to give a try to the astrology services of this renowned astrologer. I contacted him and explained him my problem. Results? My love came back to me within few days. I was completely taken aback. I would recommend all of you suffering from any such problem to try this astrologer once."


  • "I was searching for a Vashikaran expert and there I found this Vashikaran expert, astrologer Sairamji. He really proved like a Godly figure to me when I contacted him for my problem. I wanted to go for Vashikaran of a dear friend of mine and after contacting astrologer Sairam, that friend really came back to me. I was so much relieved and happy. "


  • "Daughter had turned 28 this year and I was growing concerned regarding her wedding. There was a very good match that had come for my daughter and all of us did not want to let it go. Unfortunately, there was no astrologer that I knew who could do the kundali matching task properly. A friend recommended astrologer Sairam and I immediately contacted him. He took no time as such in framing the perfect kundali match and today my daughter is happily married."


  • "In-laws are quite religious and get Pooja and hawan services conducted regularly. We were in search of an astrologer who could conduct Pooja and hawan services conducted for us using the right rituals. However, we could not find one who could be as much dedicated and wise. Just then, I heard about astrologer Sairam and we immediately contacted him. Till now, my in-laws and my husband in particular thank me and complement me for my choice."


  • "One of my friends had suddenly started behaving quite differently from her usual behavior. She would sit alone and would fight with us for no reason. She even said once that she no longer wanted to live any more. That was the time that I decided that something was terribly wrong. I had already heard about astrologer Sairam. I took my friend to this esteemed astrologer. Today, that same friend of mine is all hail and hearty all thanks to astrologer Sairam."


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